Owner: Scotty Ziegler



Scotty Ziegler is an established artist whose unique paintings, sculptures and custom jewelry are sought after by discerning collectors worldwide.

Although Ziegler’s artistic themes vary, his work unfailingly evokes an emotional connection through its blend of function, form and whimsical imagination. In his latest project, a series of acrylic paintings that merge sensuality with a touch of mysticism, Ziegler incorporates a unique Cross symbol in each realistic portrait.

Scotty Ziegler has his hand in every part of the fine art process, from original conception, to the final product. The painted Cross pendant within the work is also echoed in a piece of fine custom jewelry created by Ziegler, which will be sold with the painting that it inspired. All original paintings will come with the original, master Cross crafted in silver. Each limited edition Giclee comes with a signed and numbered limited edition Silver Cross pendant.

In addition to his art work and fine jewelry, Ziegler is a master inventor, designing everything from cutting edge toys to futuristic motorcycles and automobiles for such prestigious international companies like Hasbro, Fisher Price and Mattel. He currently holds many patents and his inventions and designs have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines and national cable television programs.

Collectors relish Ziegler’s creative world because it constantly challenges artistic boundaries, which with Ziegler, there are no boundaries.

It is revolutionary. It is provacative.  And…it is cool.


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